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Did you know that over 45% of adults in the United States suffer from moderate to severe periodontal disease? From mild gum inflammation to the more severe periodontitis, this oral condition can wreak havoc on your dental health, potentially leading to soft tissue and bone damage, and even tooth loss. At Frisco Dental Studio, our experienced dentist in Frisco is dedicated to providing comprehensive periodontal treatments to both new and existing patients, ensuring relief from the grips of gum disease.

Understanding the Root Causes

Poor oral hygiene habits are often the culprit behind gum disease. Daily brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups are essential in maintaining optimal oral health. When these practices are neglected, plaque can accumulate on teeth and along the gumline. If left untreated, plaque hardens into tartar, which can only be removed by a dental professional.

The Progression of Periodontal Disease

Without timely intervention, gum disease can progress, leading to inflammation, swelling, and bleeding gums. This stage requires professional periodontal treatment to prevent further advancement. If left unchecked, periodontitis may develop, characterized by the formation of pockets along the gumline. These pockets harbor bacteria that are difficult to clean and can ultimately result in the destruction of bone, gums, and soft tissues, leading to tooth loss—a sobering reality for many adults.

Identifying Risk Factors

Several factors contribute to the development of periodontal disease, including poor oral hygiene, diabetes, smoking, hormonal changes, certain medications, and medical conditions such as AIDS. Recognizing these risk factors can empower individuals to take proactive steps towards preserving their oral health and seeking timely treatment when needed.

Your Path to Healthy Gums

Our dentist at Frisco Dental Studio is equipped with the expertise and resources to diagnose and treat every stage of periodontal disease. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as chronic bad breath, sensitive or bleeding gums, or difficulty chewing, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our team. We provide compassionate and effective periodontal care, welcoming new patients to experience the difference in our approach to oral health.

Take Control of Your Oral Health Today

Don’t let periodontal disease compromise your smile and overall well-being. Contact Frisco Dental Studio to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards healthy gums and a radiant smile. Your oral health journey starts here.

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