Our Values

Dentist Frisco

The “TLDR”

What we are about:

  • Family owned and focused on individualized care.
  • Spa-like studio that’s calm and relaxing.
  • Modern dental office with the latest technology.
  • Judgement free safe space.

What we value:

  • Trust and respect.
  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Patient relationships.
  • Quality dentistry that is conservative and lasts.

What we aren’t:

  • A corporate chain dental office.
  • A revolving door of different dentists.
  • A place where you are just a chart number.

The Full Story

At Frisco Dental Studio we have completely reimagined the dental experience. Like many of the patients we treat, Dr. Rahman has always been fearful of the dentist. He has had nearly every dental procedure in his mouth and has spent countless hours in the dental chair. To this day the sights and sounds of the typical dental office give him instant anxiety. When designing Frisco Dental Studio Dr. Rahman wanted to create a spa-like dental studio that would instead evoke calm, tranquility and relaxation.

Our mission is to provide a luxurious dental experience that is individualized for each of our patients. Frisco Dental Studio was born with the belief that the patient’s experience and comfort comes first. We are a family-owned dental office that’s rooted in relationships, honesty and integrity. We are a judgment free office so no matter where you are on your oral health journey, we will be here to get you to your oral health goals. Our state of the art office uses the latest technology to provide pain free dentistry. Our commitment to every patient is that we will treat you with dignity and respect, just like the way we would want to be treated.

Before your visit:

During your visit:

After your visit – We warranty all our restorative work for 5 years
as long as we see you for routine check ups

Frisco Dental Studio