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Family & Kids Dentistry

We offer a variety of treatment solutions for every member of the family. We love taking care of kids, moms, dads, grandparents and everyone else (except for our furry friends, they can see our lovely neighbors at the Frisco Pet Hospital). Our experience as a family dentistry guarantees that every member will feel comfortable during their visits. We have a dedicated kid’s lounge to keep the kids happy while mom, dad and siblings take care of their dentistry.

Toothaches & Emergencies

Dental emergencies occur at the most unexpected times. Whether it’s a broken tooth, an infection or a bad toothache we are here to take care of your needs and get you comfortable.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer various cosmetic solutions to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Our services primarily focus on treatments that deal with color, position, shape, and alignment of your teeth.

Root Canals

A root canal may be necessary when the tooth becomes so sick the nerve becomes inflamed or infected. Though they get a bad rep, believe it or not root canals can be comfortable! Dr. Rahman has 4 root canals in his own mouth. Root canals done at our office are painless and methodically completed to ensure long term health and comfort for your tooth. This procedure helps maintain your natural teeth and relieve any pain.

Implants & Dentures

Dr. Rahman’s passion is replacing missing teeth and restoring the confidence and chewing ability of his patients. Dental implants and dentures are a big investment of time and resources so you want to make sure you do your homework before you start your journey. Dr. Rahman has over 7 years of surgical implant experience, having placed and maintained hundreds of implants. He spent a year in a hospital residency program mastering the surgical expertise needed to properly place and restore implants. If you are tired of loose dentures or dentures falling out when eating, we have many solutions for you. When implants are combined with traditional dentures, they can dramatically improve the fit, suction and your confidence.

Crowns & Bridges

When a cavity gets so big that it compromises a large portion of a tooth or when a tooth gets a crack or fracture, it needs a crown. Think of crowns like casts for your teeth. If you get a crack or fracture in your bone, your physician will put a cast over it to help strengthen the site. Dental crowns are placed over the natural tooth to correct damage, weakness, misalignment, or discoloration. This helps improve the appearance of your smile and provide extra protection. Unlike a cast for your broken bone that’s removed after a few months, a dental crown typically hugs and protects the natural tooth for 5-15 years.


When bacteria in our mouth break through into our teeth, we call it a cavity. Dental fillings are a way for us to remove the bacteria and repair damaged teeth. This procedure helps enhance the strength of the natural tooth, prevents future pain and infection from a growing cavity, and improves the tooth’s appearance. We are a metal-free practice so all our fillings are tooth colored composites.

Smile Makeovers

Did you know your teeth are one of the first features someone notices when they meet you? The confidence from a bright and elegant smile is life changing for our patients. Don’t believe us, check out our gallery of countless smile transformations. Dr. Rahman’s smile makeovers improve the aesthetics of your smile by using state of the art technology and cosmetic dentistry procedures. The goal is to boost your confidence while improving your oral health. Smile makeovers are customized for each patient and can involve veneers, crowns, implants, dentures. The investment in a smile makeover can also vary dramatically based on your goals, that’s why we love to meet and discuss all your options before you start your journey. Dr. Rahman offers complimentary virtual and in-person consults to discuss how we can enhance your smile.

Invisible Aligners

Invisalign and Invisible Aligners are a great alternative to traditional braces. It helps gently move your teeth into the proper alignment to improve your smile, to improve gum health, to minimize tooth decay, and to improve the force distribution in your mouth.

Anti Aging Dentistry

In today’s world of Botox and fillers, the one thing that is often not discussed when it comes to anti-aging is teeth. The size, shape and the amount of teeth you show immediately reveal your age. By improving the shapes of teeth Dr. Rahman creates a brighter and more youthful smile that will shave off years from your appearance. Check out our gallery of smile transformations.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies occur at the most unexpected times. Dr. Rahman once needed a root canal during Thanksgiving Day. Whether it’s a broken tooth, an infection or a bad toothache we are here to take care of your needs and get you comfortable. We are open early mornings, late evenings and Saturdays to take care of your dental emergencies.

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